M.O.L.D.I. dinners are not experiences in eating rotting food.  Instead it is the occasion where you gather with friends over good food in order to offer them eternal food.  The term "M.O.L.D.I. Dinners " stands for dinner settings where the "Meaning Of Life is Discussed Intelligently."

They are get-togethers where you invite a small group of Christians <and> non-Christians together over dinner, where the Meaning Of Life is Discussed Intelligently. MOLDI dinners are a great way to have a casual conversation about the meaning of life in a non-aggressive, polite and interested way. The host starts the conversation during the main meal or between it and dessert, and then asks the non-Christians to say what they think is the meaning of Life. Everyone is given a chance to speak with the rules being that there is no criticism or debate, but acceptance of where they are and where they are coming from. Toward the end, the ball is passed to the Christians who can give a Christ centred answer before the even closes. Before everyone dons hats and coats, the hosts announce that if anyone is interested in further discussion, there is a group that will meet at another time to study the Bible and ask questions. This is a great way to meet new people and to have stimulating conversation. It is adaptable in a variety of ways, from back yard BBQ’s to inviting the minister or elders to attend with you if you don’t feel confident.

It is best to have more non-Christians present than Christians, otherwise the conversation will be too top-heavy with Christian views.  Your goal is actually reach those who are not yet in the Kingdom of God.  So plan accordingly.

Your meal planning and invitations can be formal or informal, it doesn't matter.  If you invite people with children try and have other couples there with children as well. You can have fine dining, or everyone bring a dish, or even a backyard BBQ...just as long as you focus on having the discussion.

Prayer is a big part of this operation.  Be sure to bathe your preparations in prayer before God asking that the Holy Spirit go before you preparing the hearts and minds of those whom you would invite.  Secondly, make sure that you have a team of people praying for your dinner as it happens. 


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