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Motives For Marriage

Forcing, trapping or manipulating a marriage to occur for any other reason then genuine love of a partner is not what God has intended in the Biblical concept of marriage. SELECT READ OR NOTES FOR THIS SPECIAL TRANSLATION (Note: This recording was inadvertently shut off 2/3rds way in. It was completed after the service at home.)
Duration:36 mins 27 secs


[Solomon comes stately in to get the new bride; the harem women watch with fascination, then withdraw a little way]






My! You have been dressed well, my lovely one;

You are as pleasantly clad a Tirzah, as beautiful as Jerusalem—frighteningly impressive!

[What is it?!]  Do not look at me so!  Your eyes disturb me….

Your hair [floats as gently as] a herd of goats wending its way down Mt. Gilead.
Your teeth are like a flock of mother sheep coming up out of their watering place
--all soon to be bearing twins, not one barren. 
Your temples are like a piece of pomegranate [hidden] behind your veil.


[Suddenly a ringing young voice penetrates clearly into the room
from out beyond the window; the Shulammite stands transfixed]


King Solomon has sixty queens, eighty concubines, and a hoard of young girls!
This one only is mine, this innocent dove—my beautiful one!
This is the only daughter of her mother, her favourite child!
Women have seen her and always marvelled; even the queens and concubines have praised her—
CHORUS OF HAREM WOMEN 10  Who is that just visible out there?!

[Who is that shining] down so red as the morning sky?  Handsome as the moon, brilliant as the sun, majestic as the glowing planet in the sky?

[Solomon, irate, dispatches some
guards to go get the trespasser;
the harem women begin to rush
out the room too but wait at the
door as the Shulammite speaks—to Solomon]

[The other day] when I went down to the grove of walnut trees to see the budding flowers by the brook, to see whether the vines had burst into blossom and the pomegranates were abloom, before I knew it, you [O King,] had had me set fast in the royal travelling couch.  [I will away!!--]
 [She turns her back on Solomon, forlorn but determined]    


[from the doorway, amused, tauntingly]

13  Turn around, turn around, oh Shulammite!
Turn around, turn around, so we can see you!

What do you want to see in <<the Shulammite>>!
The sword dance of the bride from Mahanaim?

[at this outburst the women withdraw; the Shulammite breaks into crying;
Solomon watches, but still determined
to win her, begins again his advances]



[pause; no response]








How elegant is your walk in those [new] shoes, <<Royal Daughter>>!

The curve of your thighs is a womanly ornament fashioned by the hand of a master artist.
Your navel is like a little round cup and needs to be filled full of spicy wine.
Your belly is like a [shimmering] mound of wheat encircled by lilies.
Your breasts are like two little fawns, twins of a gazelle.  
Your [lovely] neck is a tower of ivory.
Your eyes are [as deep as] the pools near Heshbon, at the gates of that great city.
Your nose is like the tower of Lebanon which looks out toward Damascus.
Your whole head is as stately as Mt. Carmel.
Your [tantalizing] hanging locks of hair glisten dark
            --a king is caught in those tresses.
How well formed, how pleasantly formed you are—beloved!
            —compared to the most delightfully enchanting things.
Your flowing figure reminds me of a palm tree, your breasts are like cluster of dates—
I said to myself, I will go climb the palm tree!  I will go grab hold of its date clusters!
Your breasts will roll over me like clusters of grapes;
The breath of your nose will fill me like the smell of [ripe] apples;
Your kisses will flow like sweet wine—

[as he goes to raise her veil, the Shulammite, shamed at such language, righteously angry,
breaks away, cuts him off witheringly]


--wine flowing straight to the mouth of my only lover!
            Not touching at all such well-worn lips!
I belong to my lover!  And only his passionate desire is for me!

[at this the guards enter with her lover;
and the harem women crowd in behind]


[running to him]








My Lover!!
Come! Let us go away, back to the open plain country!
Let us go spend the nights among the henna blossoms.
Let us go visit the gardens early, early in the morning, to see
      whether the vines have burst into blossom,
      whether the budding flowers have opened up,
      whether the pomegranates have come to bloom.
There I will give you my caresses:
      the mandrakes of love bear a misting fragrance, and at our openings are the sweetest fruits--
The old as well as new fruits I have kept safe, saved up for you my lover!

O!  if you were only a brother that sucked the breasts of my mother, I would cover you with kisses here in public now that I have found you, and no one could think me immodest!
O!  if I could only lead you a [immediately] to the home of my mother who brought me up, [then] I would give you a tingling wine to drink, the freshly pressed-out wine of my pomegranates!

O! if only his left hand were only under my head and his right arm holding me tight—Ah!

Daughters of Jerusalem! I charge you--!
Why did you try to arouse and excite a beloved before the love came naturally?

[as if in answer to the charge, Solomon
turns and slowly leaves the room
with his guards;

then the lights turn out and the rest of the performers leave in the darkness;
end of the firth and main rhapsody]

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