Sun, Sep 23, 2018

The Seal Of Marriage

A good marriage is something that requires a sealing of vows to each other that will never be forsaken or allowed to diminish…but rather be sealed in the bonds of love and commitment. ELECT READ OR NOTES FOR THIS SPECIAL TRANSLATION
Duration:39 mins 4 secs

Song of Songs 8:5-14

[The troubled brothers of
the Shulammite stand about
near one of the vineyards
which they had made her
guard alone] 

 THE ELDEST BROTHER 8:5   Who is that there…coming up out of the distant grasslands, leaning upon her lover?
 [Shulammite and her
lover pause at the far
corner of the family
orchard; in sight but not
hearing of the brothers]



It was under [that] apple tree I first woke you up [to love, my beloved] there where your mother gave you birth.
Hold me as a seal to your heart;

 SHULAMMITE   Keep me as a signet ring upon your finger…
 LOVER   For love is as permanent as death,
 SHULAMMITE   And the passionate drive of love is all-consuming as the most terrible power!
LOVER   Its flames are flashes of fire—
 SHULAMMITE   A pure fire of the Lord God!
LOVER  7 Streams of water cannot put it out;
SHULAMMITE   Floods of water shall never quench the fire of love.
LOVER    If another man were to give all the treasures of his house for love…?
SHULAMMITE    He would be utterly despised!
 [the Shulammite and her
lover move on to where
her brothers are congregated]




 [Long ago my brothers said], Our little sister has no breasts, [But] what shall we do for our sister when the lovers begin to come?

If she be modestly chaste, we shall set upon her [head] a crown of silver;
But if she would dally with them all, we will barricade [the way] to her with planks of wood.

My breasts are as towers! And I am a virgin, chaste.
I am come now before them to await [their] blessing.






 Solomon has a [huge] vineyard near Baal-Hamon and has placed others in charge to watch it—

 for its fruits men must pay a thousand pieces of silver!
The thousand are yours, [King] Solomon! And the watchmen [of your walls] hundreds!
My [single] vineyard here before me is for me along.
O! [beloved!] you who are so at home in the lovely gardens,
all the people waiting to hear your voice—let me hear it too!

Like the gazelle or the young deer, take me quickly away, my lover, out to the sweet-smelling mountains.


 [Her Lover escorts the
The lights turn off
and the performers
leave in the darkness;
end of the sixth and
last rhapsody]
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