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Sun, May 03, 2020
An active, vibrant Christian faith is marked by the way you express the Law of Love to others…in both the Word of God and deeds of kindness and righteousness to others.
Sun, Apr 26, 2020
God wants his children to be developing active listening skills in order to hear and understand his Word that we might correctly apply it to our lives.
Sun, Apr 19, 2020
God brings about trials and tribulations in order for us to grow in our Christian character and develop in dependence up Him and his Word.
Sun, Apr 12, 2020
Among the important points in every person’s history–which includes despair and discouragement, is the backdrop of God’s eternal plan for us and with it meaning, joy and purpose in the Church.
Fri, Apr 10, 2020
God’s Truth is often hidden from the world in obvious ways and yet revealed to His people for their encouragement, knowledge and action.
Sun, Apr 05, 2020
Christian fellowship is two-dimensional, and it has to be vertical before it can be horizontal. We must know the reality of fellowship with the Father and with his Son Jesus Christ before we can know the reality of fellowship with each other in our common relationship to God. The person who is not in fellowship with the Father and the Son is no Christian at all, and so cannot share with Christians the realities of their fellowship.--J.I. Packer
Sun, Mar 29, 2020
Passage: Topical
Jesus gave to his disciples and followers the organism that is His church. It is a holy thing and is critical to the plans of God and the coming of His Kingdom in glory.
Sun, Mar 22, 2020
God has intended marriage to be one man--one woman for life. With the marriage itself, come vows of a covenant that are taken in the presence of witnesses, not the least of which is the Lord himself. A study of what God thinks of people breaking vows to him is worth shuddering over.
Sun, Mar 15, 2020
In our politics today, we get the idea that politics and religion don’t mix…and that church and state should be separated. But the Bible says that this was never intended by God, but rather a close working relationship between Kings and God’s priests has always been the go…within certain boundaries.
Sun, Mar 08, 2020
The bible has quite a lot to say about oaths and vows and what you and I have to do in making and keeping them.
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