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Sun, Jan 21, 2018
In a world where people believe that there is no truth, or that truth is not found in absolutes, God’s Missional Gospel of the Christ is something that is provable, easily verified and applicable to any and all cultures of the earth.
Sun, Jan 14, 2018
God has plans to build and develop the Church across the world and He uses people like us to bring them about as we plan, overcome problems and receive his blessings of His Spirit.
Sun, Dec 24, 2017
Our heavenly Father expects Christians to receive all gifts as if from His hand personally with a proper acknowledgement and thanksgiving, along with a proper utilisation and care for the gifts of which we are now stewards of.
Mon, Dec 11, 2017
Christmas is about being with family—but it is not what you think. God has provided you with a family to nurture you, worship with you, grow with you and it extends around the world past, present and future.
Sun, Dec 03, 2017
The reason Christians celebrate Christmas with food and feasting is to commemorate with thanksgiving the Advent of the coming one who offers himself for us to feast upon.
Sun, Nov 26, 2017
True Christian discipleship trains you to die to yourself and follow Christ so zealously that you will never be ashamed to do it publicly and privately.
Sun, Nov 19, 2017
When, as the recently crucified and risen Lord, Jesus stood before His followers and uttered the Great Commission, He was calling them to a task, which for them and the rest of God’s people was basically new in more than one way.
Sun, Nov 12, 2017
As Christians live obedient lives under the God’s law, God’s blessing of His people calls us to sing His song of salvation to all the nations. We’re talking about you—
Sun, Nov 05, 2017
Christians have certain freedoms in Christ that we can enjoy and be blessed with, but only insofar as these freedoms are not misused to the harm of others. In seeking the good of others, we fulfil the Law of God.
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