Welcome To The Maleny Presbyterian Church

We're glad you found us.  We hope you will join with us in our worship times each Sunday.  We pray that you will feel God's love in a new and refreshing way.  You are so welcome in this place and we hope you'll come along. Please stick around after the service for some fellowship and food.  You will soon make some very special friends here.

You can find our church at 12 Cedar Street in Maleny, Qld.  
Find a map at the bottom of this webpage.

Maleny Presbyterian Church Mission

The Mission


Worshipping God is a life of obedience and calling. This worship is expressed in a corporate sense as we meet together under God’s word and lift our hearts and voices in praise as well as within our families and personally. The Maleny Presbyterian Church ministry seeks to be a joyful worshipping community. Prayer, praise, unity and fellowship are at the heart of our worshipping Hinterland community.

The Mission


The teaching of God’s word is at the heart of Maleny Presbyterian Church ministry both formally and informally. A practical, challenging, biblical teaching ministry is a cornerstone of this church and sits deep in our Reformed heritage. Small groups, seminars and conferences will challenge us to grow in our understanding of God and His word.

The Mission


Jesus came to seek and save the lost and at the Maleny Presbyterian Church we aim to be a church that reaches out. We hope to be the sort of church that Christians will be excited about bringing their friends to, and where many will discover their faith for the first time. But we shall not wait for the lost to come to us…but rather go out into the world and make disciples where they are.

The Mission


A church is called to be a caring community. We become the church God has called us to be through building networks of fellowship & support with and for each other, by caring for one another in practical ways, and in reaching out to a needy world to provide the care and love of Jesus.

Maleny Presbyterian Church Mission


The Session of Elders met to discuss the rapid rate at which the government is ramping up policies of containment for Covid-19 Virus. Physical separation is the key to flattening out the timeline of virus exposure and so with this in mind, the Session of Elders are cancelling all activities of the Maleny Presbyterian Church for the next two weeks…resumption of which to be reviewed at a later date.
This means that Sunday services
will be cancelled in the Church Hall until further notice.
…so don’t bother showing up.
We will set up worship services for each Sunday and post live services on FaceBook at 9:00 am each Sabbath Day. I will also seek to post it on our Church website for you to view in total. The sermon will be included, but will also be in its usual place in the Sermons area of the website. We encourage you to tune in and join us…and yes even sing the songs we find for you. Take notes on the sermon and let the Spirit of God feed your soul. Plan to be online.
To see the Worship Service for 29 March go to our https://youtu.be/qsKOcISw3Sg

Our Sunday morning services start at 9:00 a.m. as we worship together with the Creator of the universe in the Spirit of his Christ.  

Afterward, we stick around for a cuppa and some food.  Join us!  

While many of our parents prefer to keep their children in the Service of Worship,
if given notice we can cater for a Sunday School for school-age kids if needed...
during the service with adults who are holding an approved Blue Card for Child Safe.

Our Sermon Program coming up...

05 April      - Of The Communion Of Saints, continuing our series in "Doctrine We Believe".
09 April      - Good Friday Service - The Ironies Of The Cross - Matthew 27:27-50
12 April      - Easter Sunday - Journeying With Jesus - Luke 24:1-35




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